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SaaS Product Marketing

How to Market a SaaS Product

You have a great SAAS Product and only you know that. For your customers to be aware of your great product and the value it adds to their needs, marketing the product is a definitive aspect. With the modern methods of the marketing methodologies, thanks to the Technology which enabled it, it is detrimental to arrive to a strategy and plan the way you market your SaaS Product.


This e-book gives you an overview of the various methods of marketing your SaaS Product

As you are aware a SaaS Product is used by those audience who are tech savvy, are quite often aware of the modern platforms like the internet, multi social channels, paid advertising channels, the search engines, the mobile platforms, etc. There are a different methodologies marketers choose to make their users/audience be aware of the product information.

Inbound and content marketing

Inbound marketing has become a cornerstone of successful SaaS marketing for four Reasons:

  • Lower cost of customer acquisition
  • Allows the business to scale
  • Shortens sales cycle
  • Increases customer retention
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