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CMS Websites

Choosing right CMS for your web site

What Is CMS?

If you want to build a bookshelf, you buy a hammer. If you want to build a website, you use a content management system (CMS). A CMS allows any website to create, test, and launch content ranging from words on the page to images, sound, and video for a web page. These systems are perfect for professionals as well as amateurs.


Where CMS Is Heading In 2016

Perhaps the biggest innovation through 2016 for a content management system is integration into open-source software. This means that there are no locks on the CMS functionalities: a person who uses open-source systems will be able to get into the code itself and tinker around. For those with a limited understanding of computers, this might not be the biggest benefit under the sun. For those who prefer to build a site using their own rules, however, it’s quite a big change. Programmers can now get into the CMS coding and change everything from tool layouts to functionality to upgrades. Popping the hood on CMS programs not only results in much more creativity,but helps to build a dialog in the community about what is needed and how to solve certain problems.

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